JungleDrum is a private, invitation-only communications network for business consultants working either independently or as part of a small business (<10 FTEs).

The primary benefit for our members is the ability to manage more easily the typical 'feast and famine' cycle of any small business. They do this by having on-line access to trusted, high-calibre, quality assured consultants to resource their projects during the good times and opportunities to secure work from other members during the quiet times.

Unlike other networks JungleDrum does not interfere in the contractual arrangements between its members or seek to take a cut of their fees. The network is supported through a modest membership charge enabling our members to keep their own identity, branding and independence.



Our network only works because of the high-calibre and mutual trust and respect of our members. To protect this our membership is strictly only through invitation from an existing member. In addition only those members who continue to perform at the highest standard will continue to be part of the JungleDrum.






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