I need more resource for my client's project but where can I find people with the right skills who are available and that I can trust?

I will soon be available for a new project, how can I easily and quickly let everyone in my network know?

I have a network of contacts that I trust but I need to start meeting some new people, where should I start?

I need some advice on running my consultancy, where can I find people in the same position?

How can I easily find out whom in my network is working near me and free for a drink one evening?

JungleDrum answers all the questions above. It is a networking organisation built on trust and personal recommendation. Membership is by invitation only and we will only invite people who we have seen delivering outstanding consultancy projects at first hand.

Maintaining the integrity of the network is at the heart of our success and we do this through inter-Member 1-2-1 feedback. This not only allows us to celebrate success and to develop new skills, but it also enables us remove people who are not performing at the standards expected by the rest of the network.

The standards that our Members expect from each other are simple; honesty, tenacity, outstanding results and a passion for improving their clients people, processes and technology.

Unlike most networks JungleDrum does not take a cut of anyone's fees. Once a connection is made between two Members the terms and conditions of their relationship is between them. JungleDrum is maintained through a simple membership fee which provides unlimited access to other Members and networking events.


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